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Magic Rat Books

Privacy and Security


Payments are made through Paypal. Magic Rat Books never receives your credit card details. See the Paypal website for more details.


Magic Rat Books is a small, friendly publisher of books.


Your privacy is important to us. Magic Rat Books will never pass your personal details to a third party.

What information do we keep and how do we use it?


We keep details of our customers in a contacts database on our internal server. We use the data to give information about new publications, events and special offers relating to Magic Rat Books only. We keep the details supplied to us including address, email and phone number. We also keep customers’ order history.

Who can access the data?

These databases are kept safely on our server. Only our staff can see the data and it is not shared with any other person or institution.

Your rights

If you want to delete your details from our customer database, you may do that at any time by sending an email to All marketing messages from Magic Rat Books will include a simple chance to unsubscribe. You are also welcome to access any data we have about you, to correct any errors, and to limit any processing of the data.

If you are not happy with the response from Magic Rat Books, or if you believe we do not process your personal data in accordance with the law, you may complain to The Information Commissioner’s Office at

Customer Care

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