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Bilingual Welcome to Wales sign in Welsh and English marking the border between England an

Wales is a nation with its own story - and it's for all of us to keep telling it.

The new Curriculum for Wales aims to nurture our young people to become ambitious, capable, healthy and confident individuals ready to lead fulfilling lives in society; to be ethical, informed citizens of Wales and the world.

Our books, created with the support of teachers and a small independent Welsh publisher, are part of the drive to support schools in these ambitions. They tell stories of Wales, highlight Welsh role models and heroes, and stress our nation's wonderful history in all its diversity. 

They provide inspiring cross-curricular stimuli through which to teach all the AoLEs. Let our Wales and the World books be the foundation of your work to drive forward the Four Core Purposes of the new curriculum and nurture the next generation of Welsh explorers, problem-solvers, charity workers, Olympians, word-leading scientists, medical pioneers and technological trailblazers.

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