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The dropping of the atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki was a shocking event which changed the world.

Welshman Les Spence saw its devastating effects, and became a witness to a terrible time in history.

This is the secret diary he kept while a prisoner of war in Japan. It tells a story of hardship and courage, and of how to keep your head held high when all hope seems lost.

The book features special bonus sections on the use of the atomic bomb - allowing teachers to explain this difficult subject - and a guide to help pupils trace Les Spence's journeys from Britain to the Far East on a map.


All the books in the Wales and the World set include chapter questions, a subject-specific poem, a timeline and a glossary, to assist learning and understanding.


Teacher feedback;

"A great GGR book to help provide experience of reading a diary and what a diary it is - so compelling and gripping once pupils get used to the format which is so different to so much we read in class. This is a real page turner and I am looking for ways for incorporating it more fully into topic planning."


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  • ISBN: 978-1-8384229-7-4

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