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Our hunger for knowledge has helped us stand on the Moon and explore the origins of the Universe.

And these five amazing stories from science, technology, engineering and maths will astound and thrill you.

Learn about the woman who deceived the Nazis with tinfoil, the mathematician who created the equals sign, and the invention that changed the world.

Travel into space to hear about the man who helped us talk to the Moon and discover the scientist leading the search for the ‘God Particle’.

These five STEM role models from across Wales will inspire pupils to understand how science and maths can change the world.

The book also features a special bonus section on how Marconi made radio history in Wales.

All the books in the Wales and the World set include chapter questions, a subject-specific poem, a timeline and a glossary, to assist learning and understanding.


Learning has never been so much fun – or this exciting!


Teacher feedback:

"The chapter on Tecwyn Roberts and the additional info on Marconi provide a lovely Humanities thread to a science topic on Light and Sound. We read these stories and compared these innovators in terms of their contribution to sound technology and their place in history." 


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    ISBN 978-1-8384229-2-9

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