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Ted Owens, a veteran of World War Two, is a living library of stories from the past century.

He and his friends, Evan and Caoimhe, take an epic journey through history to visit places where Ted was almost killed.

The children ask all the tough questions: Were you scared? What was it like to shoot someone? How did you go to the toilet on the battlefield?

Lest We Forget is filled with emotion, action and adventure, and lessons about how we make peace with former enemies.

The book also includes a special bonus section on the way Wales was affected by the Luftwaffe bombing blitz in WW2.

All the books in the Wales and the World set include chapter questions, a subject-specific poem, a timeline and a glossary, to assist learning and understanding.


Learning has never been so much fun – or this exciting!


Teacher Feedback:

"This book was the perfect hook for a Remembrance Day Assembly. We read it over a few sessions in Autumn 1 in whole-class reading and used Ted’s story to help us script our class assembly."


SKU: 0002
  • 60 colour pages packed with a great story, mixing intergenerational friendship and understanding with a colourful history lesson.

    ISBN: 978-1-8384229-1-2

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