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Two nail-bitingly good stories of exploration, courage and adventure.

Edgar Evans, from Gower, is Captain Scott’s trusted companion as they struggle to be the first people to reach the South Pole.

Perce Blackborow, from Newport, is the only person to ever stowaway on an Antarctic expedition.

But the expedition went badly wrong and turned into one of the most amazing stories of survival the world has ever known.

This book brings their tales of great bravery to vivid life.

It is packed with fascinating facts from the worlds of geography and history, science and adventure.

All the books in the Wales and the World set include chapter questions, a subject-specific poem, a timeline and a glossary, to assist learning and understanding.


Learning has never been so much fun – or this exciting!


Teacher feedback: 

“This book gripped my Year 4 class from start to finish. Some pupils shared these stories enthusiastically with family and they brought in books from home on polar explorers. Other parents asked where they could buy this book as they had never heard their daughter talk so much about their learning.


“My class has many reluctant readers and 48 per cent of pupils are EAL so this was a higher-level reading book for all abilities. There was lots of new technical vocabulary but using it as a whole-class reading text provided the necessary scaffolding and I modelled sections I felt were more difficult. We talked a lot about the stories and answered questions together as well as searching images online to share. The tricky word banks were really helpful as the children began using those independently and it gave them the confidence to unpick challenging texts in the future.


SKU: 0001
  • 64 colour pages.


    ISBN 978-1-8384229-0-5

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