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This lesson is one of a series we've planned to link with the book, On The Run Behind Enemy Lines, a true adventure story about courage, kindness and friendship.


Our Teaching Guide features almost fifty whole class/guided group reading lessons based on Wales and the World series one.


Teacher Feedback:

"We read this in Year 6 alongside our topic on War as an additional class book to read at the end of the day. I had used the teacher’s book to guide me on questions and discussions but we did not do any written tasks. I think the story was a great tool to help learners feel empathy and get a better understanding of the variety of emotions someone must have felt on the run. It also provided us with the hard evidence, a true story of courage and sacrifice that these men and women made for us and our future. As well as being a great story there were so many health and wellbeing strands to discuss throughout. 

After finishing this book we used our class meditation time to think about what we are grateful for in our lives, thanks to people like John Evans. We also held a collective worship to consider the sacrifices and bravery of the ordinary civilians in this story who proved themselves to be real heroes and wondered about what we do in our everyday lives to help others."

'Think About' Task: On The Run

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