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Sometimes we have to battle through barriers to achieve our dreams.

These are the stories of men and women who fought for fairness.

From the first black footballer to appear for Wales, to the first Welsh woman to become a doctor and the slave’s daughter who worked to help others.

Inspiring stories of people who followed their hearts and made life better, not only for themselves, but for others.

The book features a bonus section on Wales' connections with slavery, helping teachers to tackle this difficult and important subject.


All the books in the Wales and the World set include chapter questions, a subject-specific poem, a timeline and a glossary, to assist learning and understanding.

Learning has never been so much fun – or this exciting!


Teacher Feedback:


“We used Eric Ngalle’s story to explain some of the reasons why people come to Wales from all around the world, and to show what migration and asylum mean. It helped our children understand the experiences of some of their classmates.”


“The section on Wales and slavery was very helpful. Recommended.” 


“I linked the Chapter on Frances Batty Shand to the ebook Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt as part of planning on an Expressive Arts Topic. I took the class to the ‘Picton Reframed Exhibition’ in the National Museum in Cardiff. We were able to touch on enslavement in a way which was appropriate but did not shy away from the realities and the learners responded with passion and emotion to the story. I think there is huge potential for delving even deeper into these difficult topics with the help of books like these.


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  • ISBN: 978-1-8384229-6-7

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